Brad and Jordan meet as first semester roommates at the University of Idaho in the 1990s.  For most, university is an exciting time of new friendships and self-exploration.  However, Jordan is overwhelmed by the biggest threat to his spirituality that he will ever face. 
Fear-stricken by what his family already understands, Jordan attempts to reconcile his identity with the values of his Mormon faith.  Meanwhile, Brad finds himself ensnarled with the complexities of his attachment, desperately trying to save the one person who understands him the most.
"Youthful Discontent," is a collection of coming-of-age poems, by author, Jerod Killick. Many of the works in this very personal collection, reveal of the chaotic inner-life of early adulthood, written in an era of social and political turmoil. Others attempt to soothe the complicated emotions from love, loss, sexuality, and abuse.
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