Jerod Killick (Halvor Opsal) is a Norwegian-Canadian photographer from Vancouver BC.  He works in both digital and analogue formats, but prefers all aspects of the film and polaroid picture making process.
Jerod draws inspiration from many sources, including visits with family back home in Norway, his childhood years spent in Southeast Alaska, and current work as a senior leader in mental health and addictions in Vancouver BC.  Jerod also spent several years in Idaho, a place that continues to inform much of his work as a photographer.
His work has been characterized as "moody," "authentic," and "grounding."  He is adept at getting to know his subject on a deeply personal basis, waiting to grab an image at the exact moment it reveals itself.
You can find his work featured in Blur Magazine (Issue 18).  Most recently, his work was on display at the Lab Art Show, put on by Glitz Entertainment in 2014.
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